By Diana VonTruddle

by shammerbullmastergooter

English: Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vassilieva and Ab...

English: Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vassilieva and Abigail Breslin at 2009 MTV Movie Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday night brought out the lights with the New York Ladies of society strutting their stuff. All were packed in the Carla Devoe Room, laughing, singing and dancing. I saw Cameron Diaz looking like a raving beauty and sitting across from her was Baron Robert Pandago who was smiling and curling his handle bar moustache.

Up on stage was The Eddie Simonetti Player cranking out the top tunes of the day. Eddie being the show man even tossed a little rap music to keep us on our toes. Ellie Ford was there displaying her amazing ice sculptures that were surrounded by colorful lights.

Taking a dance floor check of attendance, I was able to smile at Andrea miller, Lisa Melas, Eddie Rehm, Kelly Cutrone, Carol McFadden, Leving Rambin, Kristian Laliberte and so many more beauties.

Dinner time, ding, ding! Out came the duck which was the pleasure of the night. A rare wine flowed which must have been laced with the gift of giving. So I heard after the fact but oh, do not let me jump off course. The side dishes were beautiful and served into multi colored champagne glasses.

Oh folks I must tell you but walking in and making a super splash was none other than Iwena Crumptorz of Berlin. They say her blue blood is mixed with a who’s who of European royalty. On her arm was a French Race Car driver but I must admit his name fails me. Vroom, Vroom…

Further reports suggest that Jason Andrew Willard-Sparrow, Jeanine Heller, Annabel Vartanian and Daniel Koch were laughing up a storm next to a comedian I could not recognize. Was it Peewee Herman? Oh well.

Goodnight all and we enjoyed your company.